Ericsson-LG iPECS LIP-9071 is here.

Aria Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the revolutionary Ericsson-LG iPECS LIP-9071.

The iPECS LIP-9071 provides the smartphone experience straight from your desk phone, giving you the BEST of BOTH Worlds!!

The iPECS LIP-9071 top-of-the-range sleek desk phone offers:

  • 7-inch HD touch screen with physical buttons for dialling that many customers prefer
  • HD video calling at your fingertips
  • Built-in HDMI to allow connection of an external monitor and camera to give you the large screen video conference experience
  • Install your favourite Android apps* from the Google Play Store, such as Spotify, YouTube, news or weather
  • Bluetooth and WiFi enabled, so you can attach a dongle to give you access to features such as Bluetooth cordless headsets
  • NFC service that allows you to create a smart office with Hot Desking, by enabling user to login with simple tagging

*Android version 4.3

Of course it works with our iPECS phone systems – iPECS eMG80, iPECS UCP and iPECS CM.

The Ericsson-LG iPECS LIP-9071 is the revolutionary top-of-the-range desk phone that offers the Best of Both Worlds!