Ericsson-LG, a joint venture between LG-Electronics and Ericsson, is a global leader in providing innovative technology and business communications solutions. Ericsson-LG enables enterprises to boost revenue, reduce costs, enhance customer service, and increase productivity.
  • More than 40 years of experience 
  • Reliable business partner Ericsson-LG offering customised solutions to small and large enterprises with a portfolio ranging from mobile, fixed network infrastructure, voice and data solutions.
  • Ericsson-LG focuses on the following core values when delivering business communications solutions;
    • Convergence - to meet customer’s needs to converged services including voice capabilities, applications suites, data networking and management tools.
    • Compatibility - feature enhancements in your existing environment and the seamless migration to new technologies as required
    • Efficiency -  solutions which include management platforms for UC, Mobility and Security 
    • Innovative - R&D investment focused on new technology that is cutting edge, ahead of the competition and integartes with the existing technology  
    • End-to-End - delivering complete communication solutions that suit Australian businesses.


Ericsson-LG iPECS  communication solutions have been developed with business in mind. The design is modular so it is easy to scale as your business grows and with a fully distributed IP architecture, it provides your business with the latest productivity tools and communication applications where ever your offices or staff are located.

WiFi applications such as handsets or softphone installed on a mobile device, provide remote flexibility whilst using uniform access points.

The family of iPECS solutions scales from 2-30,000 ports.*

* Subject to certain conditions