Aria Technologies Sales Awards 2021

On Tuesday 30th November 2021, Aria Technologies held their annual Sales Awards virtually via StarLeaf spotlight.  We took this opportunity to reward and recognise the outstanding performances of  our partners during a very challenging year.

We’d like to congratulate all the winners on their achievement. Below are the Gold Medal winners of 2021.

  • National Partner of Year 2021 –  CDM Communications
  • Ericsson-LG Enterprise Partner of the Year 2021- Mach 3, presented by Ahed Alkhatib – Vice President Global Sales and Marketing at Ericsson-LG Enterprise.
  • National Data Solutions Partner of the Year 2021 – TBTC SA South, presented by Sachin Goel – Distribution Lead, Multi-Channel Sales at Telstra.
  • National Security Partner of the Year 2021 – Techwell,  presented by Mert Mustafa – Strategic Partnerships and Growth Principal at Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
  • National Engineering Partner of the Year  2021 – Advantage Communication and Data.
  • Exceptional Growth Metropolitan Partner 2021 – Cutting Edge Cloud Solutions.
  • Exceptional Growth Regional Partner 2021 – Frontier Voice and Data.
  • National LANCOM Systems Partner of the Year 2021 – Hubify.
  • National SO Connect Partner of the Year 2021 – TBTC Northern NSW
  • National Collaboration Partner of the Year 2021 – TBTC Perth North
  • National Aria Program Partner of the Year 2021 – NTS Communications
  • National Mobility Partner of the Year 2021 – InTouch ICT
  • Diamond Partner 2021 – CDM Communications
  • Sapphire Partner 2021 – Mach 3
  • Sales Tiger of the Year 2021 – John O’Driscoll, TBTC Perth North
  • Sales Tiger FY21 Q1 – Thi Hellyer, TBTC Perth North
  • Sales Tiger FY21 Q2 – Brian Malouf, Bluefire Technologies
  • Sales Tiger FY21 Q3 – Richard Yao, TBTC Sydney South
  • Sales Tiger FY21 Q4 – Craig Haagman, CJDJ Communications