iPECS Attendant

iPECS Attendant is a PC-based software attendant console that integrate telephony with external call data and workforce information. The application simplifies call handling and meet evolving communication requirements. As the operator console for Ericsson-LG’s Communication systems, iPECS Attendant give highly efficient telephony connections for attendants, receptionists and secretaries. It allow operators to quickly and easily provide communications and presence information for any telephony connection request

iPECS Attendant integrates with iPECS Call Servers, iPECS eMG80, iPECS-UCP and iPECS-CM.

Features & Benefits

Embedded softphone functions
Operating without the need for an external phone
High quality voice communication using a PC

Hospitality features
Check in / out, wake up call, room status, room cut off etc.

Easy to use interface

Easier and more intuitive design and display icons
Flexible display options
User interface and functionality is customized for each iPECS platform

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iPECS Attendant User Guide