iPECS Report Plus

iPECS Report Plus, a dynamic and reliable reporting tool that enables better analysis and quicker decision making for your business.

Features & Benefits

Simple and Efficient
Provides historic and real-time reporting
Enables you to measure staff efficiency and productivity
Over 80 reports available on demand or automatically scheduled
Integrates with iPECS UCP, eMG80 and CM range of call servers

Service and Performance Monitoring
Manage your resources more efficiently
Monitor customer service and operational efficiencies
Customise your reports for better business planning

Business Intelligence Dashboard
View real-time information on your dashboard
Configure your own dashboard information and threshold based alerts
Wallboard integration

ACD Reporting
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) group reporting
Real-time agent monitoring and detailed reporting
Reports can be accessed via the web or the dashboard
Ideal for small contact centres

Agent Web Client
Web-based tool for ACD agents to login
Agents can update their presence using the web client
Agents and managers are able to monitor performance in real-time
Managers can access group performance


Call Accounting and Billing
Monitor your call costs individually or across the business
Utilise account code capability to identify and track individual calls back to a central account
Allocate costs to teams or divisions

Example of Historical Reports

Example of Real-time statisics and ACD Dashboard

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