About SO Connect

SO Connect is a Netherlands based company. They are world leading in providing social WiFi with over 20,000 businesses and millions of users across 40 countries.

What is Local Listings?

The latest offering from SO Connect is Local Listings. Local Listings updates and manages a businesses’ information online across multiple search engines, social networks and direction applications. This means that your customer’s information will always be up-to-date so that their potential customers can always find them.

Your customers no longer need to spend endless time updating their business details across multiple databases and platforms, Local Listings from SO Connect will do it all from one location.


What is Guest Engagement?

Guest Engagement (previously SO WIFI)  is an online tool which makes social marketing and online advertising accessible and affordable for all businesses, including yours, and it’s easy to use!

Your customers access your WiFi network by “liking” or checking into your Facebook page via your landing page, and it also supports other accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.  If a customer does not have a social media account, they can still log in by entering their email address or mobile number.

The social media exposure your business receives enables you to reach out to your customers and offer them various promotions, such as coupons and/or vouchers which can be either placed on your landing page or sent out and customised to target certain customer groups using gender, age and previous visits. This can help drive repeat business and build loyalty.

Some existing clients…

  • Coca-Cola
  • G-Star
  • Heineken
  • Bacardi
  • Porsche
  • Subway
  • Hard Rock Café
  • Kentucky fried chicken (KFC)

Review Management

Review Management (previously SO Review) enables businesses to save time managing their review and improve their ranking on review sites. The all-in-one dashboard provides a clear overview, all incoming reviews are displayed from all the different review platforms to quickly see which reviews need to be followed up.

Save Time

Control online reviews. It scans and collects reviews from different platforms and categorizes them as negative or positive, and by subject. It also allow you to reply to your reviews directly from the dashboard, which can save many hours of work.

More Positive Reviews

Automatically collect reviews by sending out a review request via email to first-time or returning visitors, and convert satisfied guests into positive online reviews.

Boost Ranking

Get help from our experts to improve your response to reviews. Increase your guest satisfaction and request reviews via email to gather more and more positive reviews which results in a higher ranking.

Beat Competitors

Select your direct competitors and compare their reviews, rankings and scores on different topics such as food and service. Get an insight on what to improve in order to beat them.

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